Examples of Pupil Blogs

These are the blogs of some previous Primary 7V pupils. The children are now at High School …….. but they are checked regularly for new posts so that I can read about how things are going.   Google Reader saves me a lot of time because I can see at a glance whenever a blog has been updated. Click on the names to view.

2007 – 2008 Primary7 pupil blogs

Monica L

Ben C

Bethany R

Adam L

Courtney A

Jaydean C

Sophie C

Rebecca H

Anna J

Chloe K

Rhiann Mc

Fraser M

Nina M

Ainsley M

Russell P

Maryam S

Darcie W


 2006 – 2007 Primary 7 pupil blogs (these blogs open up in the same window … I’ll get around to rectifying this soon!)

   Lisa’s Blog

http://exc-el.org.uk/blogs/cps-chloed   ChloeD’s Blog

http://exc-el.org.uk/blogs/cps-danni    Danni’s Blog

http://exc-el.org.uk/blogs/cps-jeanan    Jeanan’s Blog

http://exc-el.org.uk/blogs/cps-marc       Marc’s Blog

http://exc-el.org.uk/blogs/cps-rebecca    Rebecca’s Blog

http://exc-el.org.uk/blogs/cps-kayleigh       Kayleigh’s Blog

http://exc-el.org.uk/blogs/cps-rachael       Rachael’s Blog

http://exc-el.org.uk/blogs/cps-adam        Adam’s Blog

http://exc-el.org.uk/blogs/cps-rhianne     Rhianne’s Blog

http://exc-el.org.uk/blogs/cps-jamiel         JamieL’s Blog

http://exc-el.org.uk/blogs/cps-nicola        Nicola’s Blog

http://exc-el.org.uk/blogs/cps-sophie      Sophie’s Blog

http://edubuzz.org/blogs/cps-tessie/   Tessie’s Blog

http://edubuzz.org/blogs/cps-stuart/    Stuart’s Blog


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