I originally set up this blog to help me reflect on my final stage of the Chartered Teacher journey. I’ve since been seconded for 23 months as an ICT Curriculum Support Officer. My main remit is to help to introduce teachers to the benefits of using online learning environments with pupils.

A copy of the completed dissertation is included elsewhere in this blog  – click on the link to take you there 🙂

The ‘blurb’ that follows has been on here since I first set up my ‘online learning journey’.

Research Question and Aims:


  • Can Weblogs and Wikis and other associated emerging social software tools be used to create an effective on-line learning community?


  • To investigate the useful features, and barriers, when using blogs and wikis in a supportive on-line environment
  • To set appropriate tasks and to guide and monitor progress
  • To evaluate motivation, as well as formal and informal learning

Module 1 of my Charter teacher course (way back 5 yrs ago!!) with UOP stated that we should:

Through reflection, analyse and evaluate professional values, personal commitment and personal development”.


Pollard (2003) suggests that critical reflection and systematic investigation of our own practice should become an integral part of our daily classroom lives and reminds us that this was also the central idea of the educationalist, Lawrence Stenhouse (1975)

Jean McNiff states that Action Research involves teachers thinking about and reflecting on their work and can also be called a form of self-reflective practice.

She also states that the idea of self-reflection is central and that it is an enquiry conducted by the self into the self, and discusses how to modify practice in the light of the evaluation of a piece of research……..

Perhaps in addressing one issue, you have unearthed other issues that you had not expected. There is no end, and that is the nature of developmental practices, and part of the joy of doing action research.’

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This statement describes exactly the cycle that I feel I have now been drawn into as a direct result of taking part in the Chartered Program.

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