A Two Part Post

Recently I blogged about my initial meeting with Kim and Gail (check out the responses from Cassie regarding their proposed visit to Carronshore! ) … and the comment response from John Connell was completely unexpected! 

I’m sure that the children from Easter Carmuirs are also looking forward to meeting the ‘virtual people’ face to face 😉

I’ve now joined Kim and Gail on 2 of their Scotland visits – and my head is still swimming! I’ll need to create a couple of posts to cover all we experienced.

This is post number 1.

Last night I returned from Edinburgh after meeting with Kim and Gail. They were meeting with Judy, Tessa, Keiron and Cathrin from Edinburgh who worked on a recent research study into how game making might improve literacy. 

On the train back home, I reflected on what I had learned from the experience. Thinking about it passed the time on the train (delayed lots because of something happening on the line )

Here’s what I believe are just some of the things I got out of the short meeting:

  • When I met with the others in Edinburgh this afternoon, it made me acutely aware of how small the world is! When they heard I was from Falkirk, Cathrin immediately responded that she works with Marilyn M and others from Falkirk on improving literacy (Bairns into Books) …. and Tessa and I were amazed to discover that our classes were blogging friends! 
  • We discussed loads of educational matters, too, and everyone had so much to contribute. Games based learning was discussed in detail, and Kim and Gail talked about their introduction to the potentials of using Moshi Monsters with classes.
  •  Maybe the main thing from last night’s meeting is that it was a ‘sharing of ideas’ experience. We all gained from each other, and can now pass the information on in our own areas to improve the learning experiences of the children in our care. 

I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend yesterday’s meeting.

Post Number 2

Today’s visit to Musselburgh Grammar School and Wallyford Primary was superb and there was so much to take in ….. I’m glad I took notes:-)

 Post 2 will follow very soon … but I’m not sure what else I can add to Ollie’s great description of the day 🙂










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