A Wonderful Afternoon!

This afternoon I met up with KimP and her HeadTeacher, Gail. We had a lovely afternoon together …. and there are plans to meet up again during their short visit to Scotland.

More posts pending 🙂


Meanwhile here’s a flavour of our lunch together today. The champagne was planned ‘virtually’ a while ago when Kim helped me with my M.Ed by agreeing to be my ‘critical friend’. I can’t thank her enough for her effort in keeping me focussed when I really struggled at the ‘last lap’ as I out of steam 🙂


 We visited the Falkirk Wheel after lunch.




7 thoughts on “A Wonderful Afternoon!

  1. Sounds like you had a good lunch. Shame about the weather later on though!

    Hopefully 5LW will get a visit from you both at some point?!

  2. Hello Cassie,

    Yes, the weather could have been better! The scenery looked lovely, though, despite the rain 🙂

    We’ll hopefully be visiting Carronshore on Friday.

    Tell 5LW to start preparing their questions for the Australian visitors 🙂

  3. Hi Margaret,

    Say hello to Kim and Gail for me. We met briefly at a conference in Sydney a couple of years or so ago, and then again at a BETT Show not long afterwards. I believe they are both going to BETT again next week, so I hope to bump into them for a chat at some point.


  4. Hello John,

    They both remember you well! When we suggested visiting the Falkirk Wheel, they said that they’d like to visit it because you mentioned it in a speech you gave at a presentation they attended in Sidney.

    The world is getting smaller and smaller 😉

  5. Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon Margaret.
    Gail and I enjoyed meeting up, chatting and of course the champagne 😉
    See you agian soon.

  6. It was great to finally meet in person! I’m looking forward to meeting again this afternoon at the Storry Telling centre in Edinburgh.

  7. That’s great! We’ll all look forward to it, can’t wait to tell the class tomorrow. I think it will be really good for them to see the person behind the blog!

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