Last weekend, I made the decision to move the class individual blogs away from learnerblogs over to edublogs. Recently there was an announcement in the edublogs support blog:

‘Here’s some pretty big news… is now open only for teachers but also for students of all descriptions.

Previously we’ve hosted three other sites –, and for students but we decided a few weeks ago that this is both overly complex and limits what teachers can do with their students through their blog on, and will remain in operation indefinitely but we won’t be allowing new signups to them ……..”

It may have been a coincidence, but around about the same time, the pupils’ learnerblogs started receiving some spam comments. I’d set the blogs up using the ‘gmail+’ trick described in this previous post. The comments get sent to my email address, and the children moderate them themselves. Last Friday, however, a comment appeared on the class blog from a pupil to say that an inappropriate comment was awaiting moderation. The conversations can be viewed here. The pupils know that I can also log in to their blogs as a co-administrator.

 I had just finished reading the terrible news about Al Upton’s class blogs when all this was taking place. I made a decision to close down the pupil’s blog (at least I copied and pasted all her posts before taking the ‘one way trip’!). I also erased another pupil’s blog where there had been a previous spam comment noticed. It was a rushed decision and the next morning I decided to create new edublogs for the pupils. This was quite a simple job using the new blog and user creator.

Last Monday, we spent our computer time exporting all information from the learnerblogs accounts and importing it into the new edublogs accounts. It was a simple process and the children managed to do this themselves. They left a short goodbye message on their old blogs and provided a link to their new blogs.

Our next job is to activate the ‘Akismet’ spam key required to deal with spam comments. I’ve had this installed in the class blog and have had over 1000 comments deleted as spam……. and I still need to replace links on the class blog.

The best things to come out of the experience was the fact that all the children made it quite clear how much the appreciate the fact that they have their own blog :)

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